On Friday, August 26 was Kids’ Day at the Fair. Franklin County SCD members Karen Stewart and John Ingle manned their exhibit to help kids learn about soil conservation through a coloring page. Each student had the option to color Ruby Raindrop or Sammy Soil, after completing their coloring they received a goody bag which contained a Ruby Raindrop or Sammy Soil cup with a ruler, pencil, magnet and eraser along with a coloring book about soil conservation. Each child also received additional activity books about conservation and where their food comes from. During the fair the colored pages were displayed on the exhibit. After the fair the color pages were returned to the students at their respective schools. In all there were 53 students that participated. The following schools in Franklin County were represented: Broadview, North Lake, Decherd, Cowan, Rock Creek, Sewanee, Huntland, North Middle and South Middle, and Winchester Christian Academy.