April 2017

Kevin Edge, NRCS and Karen Stewart, FCSCD went to North Middle School to speak to seventh graders about soils. Karen gave a PowerPoint presentation on Soils and Soil Structure then the students watched a demonstration of the Rainfall Simulator by Kevin.

FCSCD, John Ingle and Karen Stewart, gave presentations to Kindergarten students at the Annual Farm City Day that is sponsored by UT Extension. FCSCD spoke to the students about how you do not need to have a big garden to grow your own vegetables and fruits.

May 2017

FCSCD, Karen Stewart, went to the local middle schools for Soil Stewardship Week. She talked to students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades from South Middle, North Middle and Huntland Middle about commodities and what each state’s top commodity is. The students not only learned about where our food comes from they also received a geography refresher.

FCSCD, Karen Stewart, went to Clark Memorial Elementary to help first grade students learn about the parts of a plant and each student was able to plant a bean seed to take home and grow.

June 2017

NRCS, LaDonna Caldwell, and FCSCD, Karen Stewart, spoke to the PEN Foundation at one of our raised bed locations, Decherd Elementary, about raised garden beds. This group consisted of students from the county school district extended school program they learned about gardening and fresh vegetables that were growing in the beds tasted like. The students also learned the importance of water quality and soil conservation.

August 2017

Franklin County Fair Kids Day – FCSCD, Karen Stewart, staffed a booth that displayed what FCSCD and NRCS do for our local farmers. She had students color pictures of Sammy Soil and Ruby Raindrop. While the students were coloring, they learned the importance of conserving our land and water resources. Students received a goody cup which contained ruler, eraser, magnet and pencil, after their picture was colored. After the fair was over, Karen returned all of the pictures to the schools for the students.

School also started in August; FCSCD is visiting many classes in the local school district. Kindergarten classes were visited, Cowan, Broadview and Rock Creek. Students learned about how important the farm is in our everyday lives. Karen also read each class a story about agriculture, Farming by Gail Gibbons.

September 2017

In September, first grade classes were visited, Rock Creek, Cowan, Clark Memorial, North Lake and Decherd. Each class made a My Farm Web that shows how everyday items we use all start out on the farm. Karen also read to the students the book, Harvest Year by Cris Peterson.

LaDonna and Kevin visited Sewanee Elementary 4th grade science classes. The students learned about soil erosion and the importance of keeping a live root in the soil year round. After the classroom presentation the students were treated with a rainfall simulator demonstration.

October 2017

In October second grade classes visited, Rock Creek, Clark Memorial and Cowan. Students learned how agriculture touches each of our lives every day, from before we get out of bed until we go to bed at night. Karen also read to the students the book, If It Weren't for Farmers by Allan Fowler.

LaDonna and Kevin visited Rock Creek Elementary 4th grade science classes. LaDonna gave a classroom presentation on soils and the importance of conserving our natural resources. After the presentation, the students watched a rainfall simulator demonstration to further demonstrate the importance of keeping a live root in the soil at all times.