Franklin County Soil Conservation District Banquet Award Winners

     On January 24th, Franklin County Soil Conservation District held its annual awards banquet honoring Franklin County land owners and the conservation work that was done over the past year. This year the FCSCD awarded two families for their outstanding conservation work.       

 James and Sarah Hardee received the Forestry Stewardship Award for improving their timber stands for more sustainable timber production. The Hardees manage approximately 1,950 acres of forestland in Sewanee and Sinking Cove. They worked with NRCS to create forestry management plans to improve their timberland. They practiced group selective clear cut, which removes mature trees so that young trees may grow. They removed exotic, invasive trees and shrub species to decrease competition for desired tree and shrub species to thrive. They have plans to plant Shortleaf Pine to increase diversity on the property. All these projects improve wildlife habitat, as well as, the profitability of the timber.

James and Sarah Hardee       

This year’s Conservation Farmer of the Year award was presented to Darrin and Lyndi Bean for the work they did on their cattle farm in Winchester. The FCSCD and NRCS began working with the Beans in the spring of 2018. Brand new to farming, they were interested in how to best manage their property. The goal was to improve grazing potential along with forage quality. This was achieved by fencing out a large scenic pond on the property, providing alternate water sources, and dividing the property with cross fence and temporary polywire fencing. These practices implemented by the Beans resulted in higher quality pasture which kept the pond and adjacent lake cleaner. What makes the Beans such great examples of Conservationists are their proactive approach. They recognized the value of the resource and took the steps to preserve it. 










If you are interested in ways that you can protect your lands natural resources, please contact the Franklin County Soil Conservation District and NRCS at 931-967-3504 ext. 3.  We are located at 200 South Jefferson Street, Room 108, Winchester, Tennessee.